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    I’m sure you must have heard about the City of Los Angeles, even a kid in the new block does. The city with the second highest population in the United States of America. It is a city famous for a lot of things most especially as the home of Hollywood. It is the center of Southern California in terms of culture, finance and commerce.

    Los Angeles is a city that fosters and encourages creativity and culture which is exhibited in the vibrancy of the movie industry contained therein and the rich display symbolism evident in its street art. One of the things that the City of Los Angeles is known and revered for is the diversity and the beauty of its street art.

    Street art is a form of visual art that is rendered and visible in public locations. It is usually illegal and unsanctioned because of its execution outside what is considered the traditional art venue such as galleries. It is also referred to as post-graffiti, neo-graffiti and independent public art. The different forms (as well as the different media) of this type of visual art is spray paint graffiti, stencil graffiti, sculpture, sticker art etc.

    The City of Angels boasts a vibrant street art community that leave their marks within alleyways, on the walls of corner shops, vacant parking lots and many other different wall spaces which they use as canvas for their artistry. The beauty of each mural is evident, they stimulate the viewer and demand that he or she pause to think and learn. Each of the mural painted across the city requires time and engages the intellect. They also demand interpretation by the viewer. They are representative of different individuals and in their own unique ways offer purpose to the viewer.

    Street art used to be mostly about vandalism but has now undergone a shift in paradigm where it has come to mean many things. Street art is used by some artists as a way of conveying a particular message about the society within which the artist lives to its members. These artists use it as a means of raising the awareness of people in their community on cogent political and social issues.

    Yet some other artists use it as a means of expressing their art, as a way to publicly bring beauty to members of their community. Most times, the motive behind this is to reach broader audiences than the conventional gallery would allow.

    What we now refer to as street art used to be graffiti, and it was painted on public places with spray paints. However, street art has come to represent a lot more these days as many other media are employed in the production of different works. These media include LED art, sticker art, stencil art, rock balancing, wheat pasting, mosaic tiling, murals, projection on public walls and so much more.

    Murphy Ranch, Art District, The Container Yard, The Golden State, Marsh Park, Highland Park Farmers Market, West Hollywood Library, Art Share Building, Venice Beach, LGBT Youth Centre and Annex are but a couple of places you should visit to view and experience amazing works of art.


    CalSwag Limited - Street Art

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  • CalSwag

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    CalSwag Limited begun with an idea in 2012 - to bring forth a new offering that represented California, a way of life, joy and pride.

    Encapsulating that ideal, with a logo was very difficult, especially when I tried to explain to artists.  2.5 years after trying, I came across Mr. Skakun, who made our logo a reality.  Simple, bold, fearless and fun.

    Check out the process.


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  • CalSwag

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    Welcome to CalSwag Limited, we are all about providing fit and classic designs, to ensure a fabulous look and confident feeling that will make a serious style impact on you. In the clothing and fashion industry today, people tend to explore designs that will go a long way to complement their excellent looks which is why CalSwag is stacked with unique luxury wears, fabulous T-shirts, accessories and apparels that can make you develop Goosebumps of excitement as you use them. At CalSwag Limited, we focus on eye-catching and stunning professional designs that go a long way to help you show off your style.

    Ensure to visit our site for up-to-date information on our collection of designs and encounter the most efficient and reliable online shopping experience. Also through our site, we employ the power of visuals, by displaying a variety of our products to draw your attention to them and let our products speak for themselves.





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